The VEGA MINITRAC 31 Radiation-based Density, Level, and Flow Measurement Sensor

Radiation is a popular means of density measurement in several industries, including refining and offshore oil and gas.  The VEGA MINITRAC 31 is suitable for liquid and bulk solids applications in vessels that present mechanically difficult process conditions. The measured value is detected non-intrusively, right through the vessel wall. Process fittings and vessel openings are not required. The instrument is therefore ideal for retro-fit applications. The VEGA MINITRAC 31 can be used for many different measuring tasks. Apart from density measurement and level detection, the MINITRAC 31 can also detect residues and the mass flow rate when used in conjunction with a flow meter. This video demonstrates how the sensor uses radiation to reliably and accurately measure the density of liquids and slurries and how operators can use Bluetooth-enhanced display modules for wireless remote access to density sensors.

Classic Controls, Inc.