Flow Measurement in Subsurface Pipes

Ultrasonic flow measurement, properly configured, can be the preferred solution for flow measurement in water and wastewater pipes, especially those in subsurface locations. Demands for increased monitoring of system flow at numerous points throughout a network or system create a need to install flow measurement instrumentation on existing pipes that are unlikely to have built-in accommodations for the needed sensors.

Ultrasonic flow measurement transducers are mounted on the exterior of existing piping and require no pipe cutting or service interuption to install. The rugged transducers are suitable for subsurface installation and provide long term uninterupted operation. Ultrasonic flow measurement functions over a wide range of flow, providing accurate data during normal, peak, and off-peak hours. The data derived from the measurements can also be used for leak detection. Data output from the instrument can be used locally or transferred by a number of methods to remote monitoring stations for system wide analysis.

The video provides some additional application advantages of ultrasonic flow measurement for subsurface pipe applications. Share your flow measurement challenges of all types with process measurement specialists. Leverage your own knowledge and experience with their product application expertise to develop effective solutions.