Dust Measuring Instrument Combines Two Measuring Technologies

Transmissive and dispersion method dust measurement instrument Sick C200
Model C200 combines transmittance and forward scattering
light methods to produce wide range dust measurements
Sick, Inc.
In the power industry, as well as others, dust and particle detection and measurement in emissions is an important element of compliance with environmental protection regulations. Stacks, ducts, and other conduits of gas or air transmission can be accurately monitored using instrumentation which incorporates the use of controlled light sources, sensitive detectors, and advanced processing software.

Two light based dust measurement methods of note are transmittance and forward scattering. Sick USA (pronounced like "seek"), in their extensive line of dust measurement instrumentation, offers a unit incorporating both of these technologies to provide accurate measurement across a wide range of conditions not attainable with units employing either of the technologies singly. The system consists of two compact enclosed units which are mounted on opposing sides of a duct or pipe. These house the light sources and detectors. There is also an enclosed control unit which is remotely mounted. A range of configuration options are available to meet specific application requirements and interface with a centralized control or monitoring system.

  • Transmittance and scattered light measurement combined in a single instrument
  • Suitable for dust concentrations from very low to high
  • Self check of zero and reference point are automatic
  • Contamination monitoring and compensation on both sides
  • Automatic self-alignment
  • Designed for medium to large duct diameters
  • Suitable for sharply fluctuating dust concentrations
  • Reliability achieved through redundant measurement
  • Self-monitoring activity keeps maintenance requirements low
  • Equipped for limit values that will become smaller in the future

The data sheet included below provides additional detail. More information about the complete line of dust measurement instrumentation is available. Share your emission monitoring requirements and challenges with application experts. The combination of your process knowledge and their product application expertise will bring effective solutions.