Hydrostatic Level Measurement

submersible pressure sensor transmitter
Submersible Pressure Transmitter
Liquid level can be inferred by accurately measuring the pressure produced by the height of a fluid column and knowing the density of the liquid measured. The measurement is comparative in nature, referencing some external pressure as a zero point. The zero point can be the surrounding atmospheric pressure, tank pressure, or the pressure exerted by another column of liquid contained elsewhere.

There are uncountable application scenarios, each with its own set of special conditions. Proper instrument selection, installation and calibration are essential to generating reliable and accurate results.

The VEGA hydrostatic pressure transmitters are specially designed to provide level measurements across a wide range of liquids with different properties. Some units provide media temperature measurement as well. The product centers around three basic units, with numerous variants and options that can be used to configure an instrument for any application.

Browse the document included below to see application examples, setup instructions, and the extensive array of configurations available with these pressure transmitters from VEGA. Contact product specialists to share your application challenges and get effective solutions.