Comparison of Three Lightning Protection Approaches

Lightning strike
Lightning strikes pose a substantial hazard
to the operation of electrical equipment
Protection from lightning strikes is an essential part of securing the safe and continuous operation of any commercial or industrial process or facility. Systems and equipment selected, purchased, and installed to protect against lighting strikes will likely be in place for a long time, so it is important to make a sound decision at the outset.

Dehn Inc. has been providing lightning protection and related equipment since 1910. They have provided a white paper comparing blunt rod lightning protection to other methods, including early streamer emission (ESE) and lightning dissipation array (LDA). The paper also provides some historical background of efforts at lightning protection and avoids overly technical jargon.

Browse the white paper. It is not lengthy and provides useful insight into the lightning protection field. Share your lighting protection requirements and challenges with application specialists and work together to formulate effective solutions.