Non-invasive Flow Meter for Extremely Low Fow Rates

Flexus XLF
Excellent solution for very low flow.
Industrial flow measurement presents many challenges to designers, engineers, operators, and equipment manufacturers, particularly when measuring very low flow rates.  Low flow measurement is a critical element of many industrial processes. Specific examples of applications with challenging flow measurement are chemical injection for oil & gas exploration and production, odorization lines in natural gas distribution, chemical dosing in water and wastewater treatment, paint spray lines, and myriad applications in pulp & paper industry and chemical and petrochemical industries.

Watch the video and read the document below for more detailed information.

The product shown here, the Flexus XLF (manufactured by Flexim), provides a stable and long term solution with reliable measurement of extremely low flow rates down to 3 l/h. Additionally, it is non-invasive to the process, highly repeatable, exceptionally rugged, and available for hazardous areas.

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