Measurement of Level and Interface with Guided Wave Radar

guided wave radar
Guided wave radar application
Extreme process conditions such as temperature, pressure or corrosion make selecting the right sensor a real challenge. Maintenance-free instrumentation with a long service life is a requirement for maintaining shutdown intervals of several years without premature production stoppages.

When it comes to measuring level, guided wave radar (GWR) transmitters are suitable for level measurement in liquids and bulk solids. In liquids, they can also detect the interface between two products. They measure liquids reliably, even under high pressure and extreme temperatures. They can be used in simple as well as in aggressive liquids and are suitable for applications with stringent hygiene requirements. The sensors measure light as well as heavy bulk solids with absolute reliability, even in the presence of dust and noise, and without being affected by build-up or condensation. Density fluctuations, steam generation or strong pressure and temperature fluctuations do not influence the measuring result with guided wave radar. Also buildup on the probe or the vessel wall do not influence the measurement.
guided wave radar
Guided wave radar
level control
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Measuring Principle

High-frequency radar pulses are coupled onto a cable (solids) or rod (liquids) and guided along the probe. The pulse is reflected by the product surface. The instrument calculates the level from the running time of the radar pulses and the entered tank height.


Guided wave radar sensors operate independently of noise, pressure or temperature fluctuations and are also completely unaffected by changes in density, foaming, steam or dust. Buildup on the probe or on the container wall does not affect the measurement either. This allows simple, straightforward system design and engineering. The menu-driven adjustment routines allow simple, time-saving and confident setup.

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