The Baker Hughes Masoneilan SVI3 Digital Valve Positioner

The third generation Baker Hughes Masoneilan™ SVI™ is a user friendly digital valve positioner for pneumatic control valves. Utilizing advanced control and diagnostic algorithms, along with field-proven non-contact position sensing technology, the SVI delivers accurate, responsive, and reliable positioning performance. 

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Cash Valve: Industrial Regulators and Back Pressure Valves for Air, Gas, Steam, Water and Oil Service

Cash Valve

Cash Valve regulators and valves are designed for pressure regulation and back-pressure. They are used for steam, air, gas, liquid, and cryogenic applications. These valves are available in multiple configurations, including a range of materials including iron, brass, bronze, carbon, and stainless steel. Standard sizes from 1/8” to 6” are available with working temperatures from cryogenic ranges to to 800° F. Diaphragms of various elastomers and metal configurations are available, depending on application.


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Process Analytics by Inline Refractometry

Process refractometer

Refractometry - in other words, the measurement of light refraction - is a well-established method of choice for determining the concentration, density and purity of many liquids.

By measuring the refractive index directly within the process, PIOX® R allows for a highly accurate measurement, long term reliability and continuous quality management either in hygienic and ultra-clean sanitary or harsh industrial environments with high process pressures, temperatures and corrosive media.

Unlike other available measurement technologies, FLEXIM’s PIOX® R employs its patented transmitted light principle and thus never bears the risk of measurement drift and false readings from deposit build up at the prism.

The unrivaled design and the integrated diagnostic tools moreover allow for very cost effective and predictive maintenance intervals.


  • Patented transmitted light measurement principle - offers completely drift free, precise and long term stable measuring
  • No flow velocity needed - which is required from conventional technologies
  • Highly precise optical measurement technology offering laboratory accuracy in real-time
  • Measurement unaffected by gas bubbles and turbidity as well as the media‘s viscosity
  • Internal self-diagnostic tools for predictive and very cost effective maintenance efforts

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Fox Thermal Mass Flowmeter Product Catalog

Fox Thermal Instruments continues to lead the market in innovative, reliable, accurate, and full-featured flow meters. They provide high quality, cost effective solutions with superior performance and outstanding on-time delivery. Fox continually beats the competition with high quality flow meters and superior customer service.

Fox has decades of experience in thermal flow design, application and manufacturing techniques and supplies accurate and full-featured flow meters to industrial OEMs and end-user customers.

This catalog provides information about the full Fox Thermal line of accurate, innovative and reliable thermal mass flow meters that are used in a wide variety of industrial gas flow and emissions monitoring applications.

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Process Instrumentation and COVID: The UK Adopts Clamp-on Flowmeters in Hospitals for Oxygen Monitoring

Since the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, the UK's NHS hospitals have had a concern about the limitation in oxygen flow, especially with the increased use of high flow devices such as ventilators and the significant increase in ICU beds across NHS facilities. Due to these concerns, and the limitations with the existing telemetry on the VIE (Vacuum Insulated Evaporator), NHS facilities have seen the importance of having their own live telemetry reporting O2 flow rates through their systems.

FLEXIM, a world-wide leader in the field of non-invasive ultrasonic flow measurement with ultrasound, has provided a solution. FLEXIM O2 flowmeters are simply clamped onto existing copper pipework, making installations fast and easy, plus eliminating the possibility of new leak paths. 

In combination with integration into local medical gas pipeline systems (MGPS) or building management systems (BMS), the instantaneous O2 flow data from the FLEXIM meters allows remote access to live oxygen consumption data and alerts if there's a alarm condition. Usage in each hospital ward, along with total site usage is now constantly available for local effective management of critical O2 demand. Data such as live, peak and average flows across various legs of the hospitals’ O2 system can all be fed into the operational command to assist with proactively managing the O2 being prescribed to patients based on the known limits of the oxygen system. 

The Benefits of FLEXIM Clamp-on Flow Meters for Oxygen Monitoring in Hospitals: 
  • Live oxygen consumption data across many sites
  • Improved O2 usage visibility
  • Proactive O2 management minimizing negative patient impact
  • Portable O2 meters also available from FLEXIM for spot checks across sites

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Yokogawa Controllers Supply Steam to USNS Mercy

On the United States Navy Hospital Ship Mercy, Yokogawa's Indicating Controllers are used to control two Foster Wheeler boilers supplying steam to 2 GE turbines to generate 18.3 MW of power.

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