The Yokogawa TDLS8100 Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometer

Yokogawa’s new TDLS8100 continues to house all of the industry’s leading features from the TDLS8000 but now only requiring a single-flange installation. An in-situ measurement with a probe removes sample extraction and conditioning requirements and is ideal for various aggressive process conditions.

Built upon Yokogawa’s second generation of TDLS analyzers, the platform still retains its improved reliability, ease of installation, and reduced maintenance requirements. Still, it now does so with a lower total installed cost for O2, CO/CH4, and NH3 measurements.

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The Cash Valve B Series, Type E-55, Type PBE-1, Type PBE-2, and Type PBE-5

Cash Valve is a leading manufacturer of pressure regulating and back pressure valves offering products for steam, air/gas, liquid, and cryogenic applications. Temperatures range between cryogenic up through 800°F, and materials of construction are offered with iron, brass, bronze, carbon and stainless steel depending on your application. Products range in size from 1/8" - 2" for threaded NPT connections and up through 6 inches for flanged configurations. 

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Happy Holidays from Classic Controls

Happy Holidays from Classic Controls

Non-Invasive Flow Measurement of High-Temperature Steam

Non-Invasive Flow Measurement of High-Temperature Steam

The FLUXUS ST-HT is the world's first and only clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter for high-temperature steam. The new measuring system precisely records volume and mass flow rates of saturated and superheated steam at 750 °F. 

FLUXUS ST-HT is a non-invasive steam flow sensor. Using simple clamp-on ultrasonic transducers, installing and testing in minimal time and no pipe penetrations are required. Non-invasive steam flow measurement means measuring flow without breaking the integrity of the pipe. 

The FLUXUS ST-HT, an extension of FLEXIM's existing steam flow meter FLUXUS ST, offers a wide turndown ratio up to 25:1. It has exceptionally high measuring dynamics and functions independently of the flow direction. While the FLUXUS ST can withstand temperatures up to 360 °F, the new FLUXUS ST-HT can be used up to 750 °F in pipes up to 35.5" in diameter. 

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Stationary Ultrasonic Clamp-On System for Flow Measurement of Compressed Air and Other Industrial Gases

Compressed Air Flow Measurement

Compressed air is a costly source of energy due to its efficiency. For each joule of mechanical work performed with a pneumatic instrument, it takes approximately 20 times the electrical power to produce and store the air. However, despite this low yield, compressed air is indispensable in many industries due to its production-related advantages, which makes it all the more crucial that the compressed air's use is as efficient as possible.

Calculation of energy use is essential. By accurately detecting current air volume flow, a device's pneumatic components can be assessed cost-effectively by quickly and accurately identifying potential overloads (such as when air velocities are too high) or piping network malfunctions. The precise distribution of consumption proportions to individual output stages provides possibilities for fact-based, economic decisions. Moreover, the volume-flow calculation shows the amount of compressed air lost due to leaks – a significant financial consideration - as every third air compressor in place is only there to compensate for air losses.

The compressed air flow meter FLUXUS G721 CA from FLEXIM is the perfect solution. FLEXIM's non-invasive clamp-on ultrasonic technology is remarkable in that it works at low pressures (down to 3bar on steel lines and atmospheric pressure on plastic pipes).  The FLUXUS G721 CA reliably captures minimal flow rates, allowing the discovery of the smallest leaks.

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The Baker Hughes Masoneilan SVI3 Digital Valve Positioner

The third generation Baker Hughes Masoneilan™ SVI™ is a user friendly digital valve positioner for pneumatic control valves. Utilizing advanced control and diagnostic algorithms, along with field-proven non-contact position sensing technology, the SVI delivers accurate, responsive, and reliable positioning performance. 

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